All of EMA's Adult Martial Arts, Self Defense & Fitness programs are designed to meet the needs of busy students from all walks of life and physical abilities. We take great pride in providing motivating, organized, high energy classes taught by professional Martial Arts Instructors.


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An incredible spot to hone your physical fitness and self defense skills, every staff member at EMA are incredible,
patient teachers who always make people participating in classes welcome- regardless of fitness level. There is no
better place to train in Hackettstown, and dare I say, all of New Jersey.
~ Will T

Much respect for Sifu Dave and company. Been working out at Evolutionary Martial Arts since October and I have come away with a great deal of knowledge and reinforced skills in a short time!! I highly recommend the school for anyone who wants to learn self defense in a serious, but safe environment!! Five Stars for sure in my humble opinion !!!
~ Anthony G

“I've been training private lessons with Sifu Dave since 2005. Prices are very reasonable and I learn something different with every lesson. He is well-rounded in the martial arts and I look forward to working with him more in the years to come.”
~Tommy E

Exemplary commitment to mastery, teaching, community, integrity and the art of self defense and fitness. Sifu Dave, Sifu Doug and all of the teachers bring a level of knowledge and heart that is unparalleled. I can not say enough good about my continual experience and am grateful for each opportunity offered through their training and programs.
~ Carrie M

"My son is three and a half and has started the little ninja class...the instructors are amazing and patient. Dave and his wife are amazing as well. Love this place"
~ Nichole H

"My daughter started with the Little Ninjas class. She absolutely loved it!! As a parent I was amazed at the improvement in her attention span, level of respect that was encouraged for the kids to maintain, and just the way the classes managed to be so organized. Sifu Doug is truly amazing with the kids."
~ Jen W

As a life long martial artist and parent, I was looking for a school that would teach my children the martial arts the way I would but with the structure that teaching at home does not allow. Not only did EMA give my children a lifelong appreciation for the martial arts, but they welcomed me into the family as well. I count Sifus Dave and Doug, as well as the coaches and instructors, among my closest friends. I would recommend EMA to anyone looking to study the martial arts and desiring to raise their children in "The Way." And if you don't know what "The Way" means, come and check out a class.
~ Anthony F

"Evolutionary Martial Arts is a wonderful mixed martial arts school. Both my children have attended for a couple of years and have not only learned great self defense skills and get great exercise but has also taught them respect, confidence, discipline and responsibility. It is a family run business that makes everyone feel like family. The atmosphere is such a positive one. I would recommend this school!"
~ Nicole M

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