Birthday Parties

EMA Martial Arts Birthday Parties Want to have a Kickin’ birthday party? EMA’s Kid’s Birthday Parties get rave reviews from kids and parents alike. Our Birthday Child gets to be “Sifu” or teacher for the day and guide their friends through Martial Arts class warm ups and techniques with the help of our Professional Martial Arts…

Adult Martial Arts

Muay Thai Kickboxing is considered by many to be the most effective “stand up” style of fighting for self defense, sport and physical fitness. Every fight or altercation starts standing so everyone needs to learn to defend themselves on their feet. As a self defense and sport fighting art Muay Thai’s no nonsense offensive techniques…

Kids / Teens Martial Arts

EMA KID’S PROGRAMSEvolutionary Martial Arts ( EMA) provides a variety of age specific Kid’s Martial Arts & Empowerment Programs. Our programs are uniquely designed to help our students develop as confident, respectful, well behaved, disciplined, bully proof, responsible young members of society through their Martial Arts training. At EMA there are no Bench Warmers. We…

Private Lessons, Seminars, & Workshops

EMA Offers Private training, Corporate & Group on site Seminars, Workshops & Courses in multiple Martial Arts & Self Defense systems and Fitness training programs: Boxing Jeet Kune Do Car Jacking Defense Muay Thai Kickboxing Women’s Self Defense Active Shooter Response Combat Fitness Tactical Knife Fighting Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Firearms Instruction- Safety & Usage Weapons Defense Gun…

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