Invitation to St. Francis de Sales 450th Birthday Celebration at the Monastery

A unique event will take place on Monday August 21st, 2017 at 730PM at Visitation Monastery

On that day the Visitation Sisters will celebrate the 450th Birthday of our Founder, St. Francis de Sales! He was also Bishop of Geneva, proclaimed a Doctor of the Church, and authored the books “Introduction to the Devout Life” and “Treatise on the Love of God” as well as many letters and other writings.

Reverend Stephen Saffron will celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass at Visitation Monastery at 730PM on August 21st as we honor St. Francis de Sales with the Liturgy he so respected and for which he wrote many meditations to accompany each part of this historical Liturgy.

After the Liturgy we invite the Congregation to select the works of St. Francis de Sales that will be provided free of charge and take them home to read.

Please come and honor our beloved Founder and great Saint of our Church!

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